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The dictionary defines fair-trade as "trade between developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair-trade prices are paid to producers and offers an improved quality of life helping to provide essentials like food, water and shelter."  Extended fair-trade practices also include equality for gender. At BEATiFY, we encourage people to engage in the creative and technical process of content creation and delivery and any aspect for which a person is passionate. 

The BEATiFY fair trade model is based on providing ALL creatives fair trade pricing for their content. Currently, the content value is more than 5x the leading streaming platform, which is infamous for its low streaming revenues, and quite frankly a low hanging fruit. 

We understand that to overcome diverse problems in a global community you need diverse thinking. Tapping into global creative culture allows us to scale our platform to be the most efficient and highest quality content streaming platform in the world. This paradigm shift removed large database management and instead employs smart contracts to automate and content streaming delivery and payment. 

The SONG token is the cryptocurrency that powers the BEATIFY platform. 

BEATiFY gives thousands of users, both listeners and musicians the opportunity to financially benefit from streaming, by accruing SONG tokens. We encourage artists, listeners, fans, investors to earn tokens on the platform or, even easier, to go and buy tokens from;

COINSBIT.IO is a crypto exchange where you can BUY SONG tokens to support your favourite creator. Our model creates a true win/win situation in a free marketplace. It takes understanding of this new model to enact it. It's where we put others first. It's where we let the most vulnerable - the hungriest, thirstiest, and coldest - benefit first and most from their efforts. But what about you - your investment? 

When you buy SONG tokens, you're buying assets in one of the most technologically advanced, real-world-use crypto projects, in the world. Comparable platforms (few exist) are trending over $1USD. Our platform is new on the market, is onboarding at incredible speed, and shows a potential for growth that is unrivalled in this marketplace. Coupled with our fair trade practices and stunning aesthetic, BEATiFY is quickly gaining attention! You can find all kinds of music from around the globe to listen to and share with a clear conscience. Stay tuned for exciting updates and new content each day!