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As a Canadian pop singer, Du5t1, debuted in 2018 with Danny Fernandes on his lead single No Tomorrow. Since then, he has continued to create some great tracks that feature catchy melodic hooks while addressing contemporary issues.

One of these songs, No Part Of My Love, describes a relationship in which a strong and everlasting love is described and then suddenly fades away. While a sensitive topic, the lyrics describe the situation in both a direct and reserved manner.

Given the standard Canadian content laws with radio broadcasters, it is extremely challenging for emerging artists to break through and be selected to be featured on the radio. Enter BEATiFY. Being a blockchain-based music streaming service, artists around the world are able to more easily gain traction and exposure to audiences, such as those living in Canada. Moreover, BEATiFY is forward-thinking in that it breaks away from the usual legacy method of artist compensation and instead pays them an equitable amount for each of their streams based on its dedication to fair-trade remuneration.

Du5t1 is working on a remix for No Part Of My Love and plans to release it at the start of 2022!