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Since his early childhood, Holablacq, an unsigned rapper hailing from Lagos, a town in Nigeria, has had a deep passion for music. With his unique Afrobeat style, it’s no surprise that he was recognized as rapper of the year in 2020!

Inspired by his late grandmother and mother and their support for his passion for pursuing a career in music, Holablacq’s new single, No Doubt, is a track donning an Afropop spin to his style. Along with this, his single, Moneycode, is based on the perception of money being a driving factor to success in Nigeria.

Despite the challenges he has faced while sharing his music in Lagos, Holablacq sees performing live as a perfect way to spread the messages contained in his songs, while making a connection with each member of his audience.

Holablacq recognizes BEATiFY as a distinctive music platform with its ability to share dynamic musical content globally, as well as its easy-to-use platform that features equitable fair-trade artist reimbursement.