How I learned to LOVE my competition

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I have always been hard-wired for competition. It may have been parents that fostered a competitive 'win' spirit or organized sports, but somewhere along the way, I became 'competitive'.

Good things can come from this spirit, such as excellence, perseverance, and skill. But it can also bear bad fruits, such as jealousy or envy.

I woke up this morning late, checking my phone I had an unusual number of msgs. I hurried down and scraped into my meeting with no time to spare. Afterwards, I checked my phone. My heart sank.

Audius had just signed a deal with TikTok. 


Throughout the day, the announcement made news in the crypto world. My groups all lit up, "hey did you hear?" Marketing groups, and executive groups, telegram channels, everything. Bombarded with messages about 'what about BEATiFY?', I didn't have time to really sit down and meditate on it until now.  

Audius will offer a 1 click solution to export to TikTok Sound Kit. Ok not too bad. At least no shares were exchanged. 

A lot of great music is available on TikTok and user discovery is quite good there. Indie artists already record the music onto TikTok, but Audius has streamlined the process through an export function. Ok, that seems simple enough. I admit it. I immediately start to think about how BEATiFY can also connect to TikTok Sound Kit. Its a seemingly straightforward process and sparks new ideas through the developer toolkit. 

I also think back to a previous blog pitting Audius VS BEATiFY. This deal doesn't negate any of the points there. We are young and our team is hungry. Our product is a beauty too. 

To be honest, I admire Audius. I think they are visionary forerunners. The lightbulb was discovered by many people competing against one another. Tesla VS Edison. Autosports fought by Ford VS Ferrari. The forefront of innovation is driven by competition. 

It will be interesting to see the reception in the TikTok community, Audius is a fairly EDM driven platform, but youth have a wide array of tastes. BEATiFY is a baby still and we're super happy about its growth. We have an amazing 2 months coming up which includes increased user and artist functionality and new rewards programs too. Our method of direct payment is 2nd to none and our platform UI/UX is world-class. With a road map that will fully integrate NFT's and Sound Packs we will also explore the TikTok developer toolkit and help our global artists bring their music to a wider medium. 

I'm a hopeful man. My hope is that this function shows us new ways to integrate with 3rd party platforms. It will certainly open new opportunities in the space and bring more capital to bear on markets so that's great news today!

It's a really good win for blockchain music streaming platforms. Just as we have seen with Apple music, Youtube music, Deezer, Audiomack. etc., there will be a few of us elbowing each other in the blockchain music streaming space. Audius is a competitor and we're happy to run with them! Preparing the space for us, as we are surrounded by a world watching, so let us shed everything that hinders us especially envy and jealousy, as it entangles us. Instead, let's choose to run the race that was marked out for us with excellence, perseverance, and skill.

I'll leave you with a quick story. When I was in high school, I competed in sprint hurdling. In one race, I fell on the first hurdle and the rest of the field took off. I got up, and just resigned myself to run my best race from there. I was able to catch the field and won that race. The lesson is to never give up on the first hurdle.

Good race today Audius! *high five*