Kadrian Thomas

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Kadrian Thomas, a native of Jamaica, is a teacher by profession, but also has a passion for songwriting and playing his saxophone. As a blend of his occupation and interests, he even has a YouTube channel on which he provides subscribers with weekly lessons to improve their saxophone practice and habits. With a unique integration of saxophone into reggae tracks, Kadrian has a unique sound that is easy to get behind!

During a collaboration with Simmozart (Michael Simpson) who produced the song and wrote its instrumentation, Kadrian wrote the melody and lyrics to I Am A Target about a personal experience of his when he was a travelling missionary volunteer in the USA. After the recent George Floyd incident, he was reminded of this experience and wanted to write a song commemorating both what he had gone through and the experience of George Floyd.

Kadrian was suggested by Simmozart to sign up for BEATiFY and was sold based on its vision for helping artists with the seemingly impossible modern task of gaining exposure in the music industry. Kadrian also loves the transparency of compensation provided by BEATiFY and its streamlined delivery of payments to artists.

Kadrian has written a few more tracks but has yet to have them produced.