Kim Ung

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Kim Ung has been using music production to channel his inner creativity since late 2017. After growing up without any formal music education, he has experimented with various programs to hone his skillset to be able to create music for the world to hear.

His track Healing is a great example of the music he generated through experimentation. Typically, he produces futuristic bass music that features a higher BPM and is more energetic. But for this song, however, he wanted to see how a lower BPM would contribute to the melodic properties of the track. Further, he took a different approach to implementing the vocals by using simple chops.

Kim Ung, was introduced to BEATiFY by J.W. Cudd, another artist on the platform. Enticed by the decentralized method of music distribution and fair-trade artist payment, he jumped at the opportunity to be an artist on BEATiFY. BEATiFY works to aid musicians with getting their music heard – a challenge Kim Ung and many other artists readily experience with legacy forms of music distribution and compensation.

In December of this year, Kim Ung will be releasing a 9 track EP to celebrate his birthday!