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Remember when we used to rely on making mixtapes and burnt cd mixes for our significant others and best friends back in the day? Once we handed over the mixtape, we would shortly know a couple of days after if they had the same taste as us in music and if we were going to "click". Some mixtape exchanges went better than others, but it was how we expressed our taste in music to one another. Some exchanges grew bonds closer, some simply drove people apart!

For the younger crowd joining us on BEATiFY, this is the perfect opportunity to send your "bae" a digital mixtape to get her grinnin' n smitten' for you. Make sure the order of songs is going to set you up for success! If your playlist has a good flow with a banger of a jam at the start and the end, we believe this will be enough to catch, hook and reel in your biggest crush or bring together a group of friends using the power of mixtape vibes. BEATiFY is in the works of letting you add your own photo to your custom playlist, which we believe will add a special sentiment when you are sharing it with your girlfriend, crush or even just your best friends! Personalizing your mixtape will make it special when you pass on your love for the music to the people you care about!

There are many reasons to make a custom mixtape in 2021. Maybe you are planning a road trip with you and the boys or girls and want to make sure the mood is set to have everyone amped to hit the road! It's always important to make sure you choose genres that your whole group of friends like as a whole. Otherwise, you will have a couple of people jamming, and a couple of people cramping their styles.

Cherry-picking the best playlist will get you brownie points in any scenario. Making a customized playlist is like writing a love letter to the girl of your dreams, or motivating your friends to keep their heads up in tough situations. Make it personal. Spread your eclectic taste in music that lifts your spirits. Everyone hasn't heard all the music you have! There are endless amounts of artists and tracks out there that hit every little different emotion. Use BEATiFY Mixtapes to harness the power of the mixtape gods to get the job done.

How do BEATiFY Mixtapes set themselves apart from traditional methods of creating playlists?

•  Naming your own Mixtape

• Adding a custom photo to the top of your Mixtape

• The music you add can be from any artist big or small

• You can share your mixtape directly with a custom URL through social links

• If the other person you are sending the mixtape to is on beatify, they can download it and add it directly to their account

• You can edit the arrangement of music in the Mixtape after adding all the songs of your choice to get the perfect start and ending jams

• Every stream you contribute to will put some coins directly into that artist's wallet for fair trade!


How To Create Your Own Mixtape On BEATiFY:

First, you will have to go to Beatify.audio and create yourself an account. Once you’ve created an account you then hit the top left expand bar and tap 'Create Mixtape'.

You will now be able to start customizing your playlist by naming it something special.

Then, you will want to search the artist you are looking for either in the top search bar or if you are not sure what you are looking for and want to explore the artist options, simply tap 'Artists'.

When you’ve found the track you would like to add to your Mixtape, just hit the three dots beside the song you want to add and select “Add to Mixtape” -  You will then be able to choose the Mixtape you want to add it to.

Now select the Mixtape and boom, you’ve begun your Mixtape! More features will be available in the very near future! We are releasing IOS and Android BEATiFY apps in the very near future as well. Keep your eyes open for the release!

After your Mixtape creation is complete, you can click the share button and select the social platform you’d like to share your custom URL on! (More social links coming soon!)