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With a mission to reach and positively impact the hearts of as many people as possible with the power of her music, NASTENKA is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Switzerland. She has a passion for writing lyrics that draw inspiration from her experiences and that contain unique and soulful messaging while also being delivered in an expansive and all-encompassing delivery style. The energy of her lyrics has an even bigger impact when she is performing live as she can see the connection she has with her audience – something that is much harder to perceive with other aspects of this journey, such as recording music videos.

After joining BBC featured songwriter George Holliday and the mysterious Midnight Galaxy, NASTENKA created Say What’s On Your Mind – a track that aims to empower people who suffer from physical and psychological pain while also encouraging everyone to be proud of themselves and not let others’ opinions bring them down.

After reading BEATiFY’s whitepaper, values, and mission, NASTENKA became very curious about the power of blockchain-based music streaming. Learning about the merits of BEATiFY, she quickly joined to not only support the movement created by the platform but to also experience its prowess firsthand. She recognized that a streaming platform that is dedicated to providing fair-trade compensation to its artists really breaks away from the payment practices of legacy platforms – allowing artists to survive from their art while also expanding their exposure and traction.

In mid-January 2022, NASTENKA will release a duet with George Holliday that will be produced by Midnight Galaxy!