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Hailing from Myanmar (Burma), Aung Aung (with the stage name Omega) starting as an aspiring DJ and producer three years ago and now at the young age of 19 focuses on hard dance music. Starting with Fruity Loops on his phone, he has decided that upgrading his production set up to a desktop/laptop is the next realistic investment for him to make as he continues to make music in the future.

As his first original mix track, Memories takes a bit of free-use acapella he found online and also features a euphoric melody he created that combines with a classic heavy hardstyle kick pattern. With all these factors combined, it really creates a great euphoric hardstyle dance track!

After seeing posts from BEATiFY on social media and being suggested by STRANIIZE to try out our music streaming service, he recognized the power of BEATiFY and loves how it grants artists around the world with the ability to distribute their tracks easily and grow their audience.

In the future, Omega plans to release a bunch of remixes and original mixes so be sure to watch out for more!