Oz needs a Wizard

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Sometimes, on this entrepreneurial journey, I find myself feeling like Dorothy in the land of OZ. A magical land of blockchain, where the markets are volatile and there are all these strange creatures who use language I am unfamiliar with. Words like hodl, fud, liquidity pool, and staking. Like Dorothy, I was in shock and fear upon first landing here. Many of these strange and wonderful creatures would dance around and sing songs of lambos. But soon I made my way down the bitcoin road, through the FUD forest, where I discovered some new friends at BlockchainMind. Aryan, who has a HUGE brain joined our journey. He knew OZ better than I did, and he told me about a place where development happens at a fair pace and price, and asked me if I wanted to explore the Emerald City of Development - Mumbai. We continued on with concept and whitepaper as a few friends joined us, and our group became stronger. We also started to sing songs of lambos too! We came to the gates of the Emerald City, to gain entrance we showed our wireframe designs and entered into the main square. It was there that we discovered how truly magical OZ was. It was bustling with development, framework, and apps. All kinds of different apps. Centralized, decentralized, apps to manage your money, apps to play games, apps of all kinds! teams of developers and new university grads exploring new computing ideas. 

It was here that I met the Wizard, and my life changed. At first, it's hard to understand the inner workings behind theWizard's curtain in OZ. What you see is a great and powerful entity, overseer, wish-granter. Humbly we prostrated ourselves and began to ask for what we came for. A blockchain music streaming app. The problem is, it isn't so easy, and it takes a great amount of work from our end too. The Wizard knew, that to be successful, we had a journey in front of us. He gave us our tasks and we set out to complete them. Each day, each step we would remember the tasks of the Wizard. As we dutifully completed each task we would return to the Wizard for more advice, and he never failed. This is why he is the great and powerful OZ. But as we continued to know the Wizard, we started to get the feeling like there was something about the Wizard that we didn't know. As we are nearing the end of certain tasks (maybe it's testing the app, maybe it's reviewing code changes, it could be adding liquidity to DEX pools) Toto pulled back the curtain and we saw who the Wizard was. It was Chethan. 

It turns out the Wizard is like us! He is private, kind, wise, responsible, reliable, and most of all is exeriencing OZ with us. He has the spirit of a warrior, the patience of a saint and the knowledge of a scholar. He was heart, mind and courage all wrapped into one. It's the reason he gave us gifts of certificate, time, and rewards. So that we could learn that these were inside us all the time. We just needed a Wizard to help us find them. 

Thanks Chethan for the gifts bestowed on us all. Now, where did I put those ruby slippers?