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Sharpzy (Onyebucki Franklin), the 2019 Port Harcourt Best Performer of the Year, is based in Nigeria and focuses on creating Afrobeat music that addresses relevant issues in the modern world. Three of his songs, Fagbo, Chinasa, and Mama can be found on BEATiFY.

Concerned with the rising issue of youth beginning to experiment with hard drugs, Sharpzy wrote Fagbo to act as an anti-drug anthem for these members of his community.

Chinasa, a love song, tells the tale of a long-distance relationship with a special someone he found in Ghana – over 1,730 KMs away from where he lives.

Lastly, Mama was written to pay tribute to his mother that, despite being single, did an excellent job of raising and supporting him. This, like Fagbo, acts as an anthem to show how much respect mothers deserve.

For Sharpzy, BEATiFY was an excellent choice to upload his music given how easy it is to do so. Moreover, the platform focuses on fair-trade compensation that allows artists to survive off their work – an issue that is especially pertinent since Sharpzy is experiencing difficulty in gaining a supporter in Nigeria – resulting in him having to promote himself. BEATiFY also looks to lend a hand in promoting artists just like Sharpzy.

Sharpzy has recently released a brand new EP titled Shadow which he can’t wait for the world to hear!