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After being established in Denmark in 2014, SoftWave, the unsigned synthpop duo featuring Catrine Christensen and Jerry Olsen, had a strong ambition to take the world by storm. Starting with their 2016 EP ‘Together Alone’ and releasing a remix album in 2017, SoftWave has certainly put the wheels in motion to accomplish its vision. The duo was even invited to contribute to a new project from Erasure’s Andy Bell after joining OMD on their 2020 Souvenir tour!

Most recently, SoftWave has released a new single, System Failure, which reflects the pressing need for humans to strike a balance between digital and in-person communication. This track features the use of a vocoder to illustrate how connected humans have become with technology in the modern age. The music video takes this commentary to an even higher level. Check it out!

With the COVID-19 global pandemic, SoftWave has paused its live performances and has focused on producing high-quality music with plans to return to the stage in 2022.

Catrine and Jerry fell in love with BEATiFY with the freedom it grants artists to control their content. Further, its fair-trade artist compensation model that even allows for fans to support their favourite artists through blockchain technology was a huge reason that SoftWave joined the BEATiFY community.