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What does it take to get in the top ten trending crypto coins/tokens?

It seems nowadays there are many new investors entering the crypto space trying to find a new coin or token that tickles their fancy. At the same time, we have the OG's of the crypto world also scanning for the next currency to add to their bags. How does a new crypto project catch the eyes of new and OG investors? A popular choice recently has been choosing something that branches off another crypto project, but "correcting" the utilities that new founders believe are missing. For example; Dogecoin 2.0 (ticker: doge2)

has been created in the sense that people believe Dogecoin is inflating too much to become anything great. Dogecoin 2.0 just has a cap and a more limited supply of coins + partakes in tokenomics. This is where beatify sets itself apart from many crypto's. There isn't anything else like it in the crypto space! We are the first of our kind.

I believe that a few projects will pop up only to grab the attention of new and present and past investors that invest more so on a utility based horizon. Meaning; they need to believe that the project is solving problems that other projects seem to leave out, giving them more "comfort" in their decision to invest. Most of the time new investors will chat to the crypto investors asking what they think of new coins and tokens coming out. They normally call the new projects "poo coins" as a lot of them are simply copies of another bigger project that have already made massive waves globally. The problem with this is that these new projects never seem to have a big enough market cap, volume and liquidity to provide what they set out in their white paper. Some will make it, some won't, and you will see some new projects just crumble when a whale, who was there since release, dump their wallets to make a quick few thousand dollars. Some projects have protocols to project from whales, but in most cases it is hard to keep people from buying more than they want to. The other problem with these new projects is that the utilities are only curing temporary issues and made to "make money". People will invest and then see that most of them will go in the same direction as other replica coins and tokens then the FOMO and FUD causes people to sell their bags, making the price tanks OR the project will find certain ways to grab interest, like donating a certain % to research, fundraisers or something along these lines to give back. For instance, Dogecoin is a replica of bitcoin in the sense of how their code is built, however bitcoin doesn't inflate. It's a deflating supply, where Dogecoin is inflating.

Since Dogecoin is a community based currency, holders took it upon themselves to set up fundraisers to animal shelters and all sorts of cool fundraisers which, in my opinion, brings more interest to the project as a whole.

Some investors like a scarce supply as once the supply is eaten up the price action usually heads to the moon. Some don't like scarcity and enjoy the inflating amounts because of the price being more affordable to hold a few full coins. At the end of the day, this makes buying more achievable. Some people hope projects like Dogecoin will eventually fix the loopholes with their utility, circulation, distribution dates, and max supply. There's much speculation behind this subject.

Beatify aims to not only correct some flaws with utility, circulation, distribution and supply from the get-go. We really want to focus on the gas fees that apply when you try to buy or sell $SONG token. We also want to build our network in a way that will cause stable growth instead of being volatile. Not only is BEATiFYs SONG token built on a Eth erc20 platform, but BEATiFY has also bridged their currency with the Matic / polygon network. This is going to allow artists to swap their tokens a lot cheaper to make sure they are getting the best bang for their earned bucks, but this will also increase the liquidity of beatify as a whole and provide more stability.

Bridging with both Eth/Polygon networks gives beatify the upper hand when it comes to creating a non-volatile, steady growing currency. This will also open up new doors for minting NFTS on the Beatify platform in the future ;). The polygon network is built perfectly for artists in the sense of minting NFTS and buying NFTS. Not only is it a great network, it will be a great tool to be backed by its continuous stable growth and give some extra stability when it comes to the price of Eth vs Matic vs Song.

As ETH grows to new levels, lots will be upgraded and changed on their platform to figure out inflating gas fees. This is why crypto projects like beatify will branch from their base platform to connect other networks in order to make the native currency of beatify more attractive, feasible and compatible. The other big reason is because the base platform some new projects choose to build on, ends up growing to new ATH's (all-time high's). This isn't typically a bad thing, but normally we need to give these projects some time to upgrade to correct gas fee's to make them more feasible at their all-time high growth spurts, which in the long run will give many future blessings to the projects that stay connected with.

All the artists starting with us NOW will be in a very good spot when we start flocking in new investors. After our planned interviews coming up soon, we expect to grow a healthy amount. What this means for the artists signing up now; when 1 song token is worth more than 3 cents USD, the amount of song tokens you have will continuously grow with the company


as WE plan to reach ATH's with our upcoming showcasing.  Beatify's team is constantly working to keep the platform stable in its growth and development. Our ambassadors will be shifting into full gear very soon to bring on board as many small and big artists as possible to have an eclectic array of artists to our platform to supply the demand for every genre's listeners!

Keep your eyes open for new information about our bridging to MATIC/POLYGON! We aren't even close to our end goals. We are just preparing for growth, slowly, but surely we will start the race to the moon with our beloved artists of the world, bringing a more fair trade platform to the surface that anyone has access to. We are in control of our crowds! There will also be organic growth within the app with thousands of new listeners coming in daily scrolling for their next "jam" to add to their mixtapes ;). This will yield new fans from all over the world!

The time is now! Hop on board and message anyone from the beatify team. We will help you get setup and help you understand and navigate on the platform better!




Written by

Andrew Buchanan

Beat.ify Canada West