Wild Z

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As an underground rapper from Myanmar, Wild Z has slowly built up his craft after starting to make music in 2016. His talent can be seen in his EP, A Piece of Mind, which was created start to finish within two weeks.

The songs collected on this EP represent the feelings and emotions that Wild Z was experiencing during these two weeks of production. One of the tracks, Thoughts, was inspired by the awareness that everyone has thoughts and ideas that are novel and unique. These thoughts are not to be disrespected, judged, or controlled.

Another track, Sone Mae Nae, tells the story of two lovers in a long-distance relationship that are trying to meet up in person.

After a friend told him about BEATiFY, Wild Z became instantly amazed by the way that the streaming platform is truly dedicated to providing fair-trade compensation to artists around the world

Wild Z plans to release another EP in the future so keep your eyes peeled for that!