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Youngsid, a Nigerian artist with a talent for creating music spanning a wide range of musical genres, has a deep passion for music inspired by his brother and sister. He has even been recognized as the next rated artist in 2020.

Buga, a track featuring Las Boi & Horlaskid, demonstrates a great mastery of the afropop genre. Moreover, the song describes the enjoyment that a rich man can experience in life.

For Youngsid, BEATiFY acts as a lifeline in a regularly deceitful music industry in Lagos. Contrasting to being removed from the performance list and promotional deals that have fallen through, he sees BEATiFY as the catalyst for change in the music industry. Youngsid loves the platform’s commitment to fair-trade artist compensation through its leveraging of blockchain technology. He also recognizes its power in letting his fans know about his most recent tracks.

Youngsid has just released a new single on BEATiFY, Ayie, which, while incorporating his afropop stylings, also showcases ambient dance attributes that allow the song to be exciting and relaxing simultaneously.

BEATiFY is excited to see what the future holds for Youngsid so keep your eyes and ears open for more!