6 Month PROMO TOUR! New To The Street – FOX Business/Bloomberg/NewsmaxTV/TRON4

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BEATiFY is super pleased to announce a new promo deal with 'New To The Street' The deal consists of 1 interview a month for 6 months to be aired on:

Bloomberg US - 124 million home reach - National US coverage; high-income earners

FOX Business TV - 94 million home reach - Middle America; looking for opportunities

NEWSMAXTV - 50 million home reach - Syndicated; fastest-growing US news channel; looking for opportunities

KRON 4 -  Channel 4 San Francisco News, Audience 2.7 million home reach - Broadcast with morning news; high income

Each interview will be filmed and edited the first week of each month and then aired across each network (i.e. Week 1 Film and edit, Week 2 FOX, Week 3 Bloomberg, Week 4 NewsmaxTV)

We will be using the platform to promote artists and draw their audiences to us as we onboard them and expose the artist to an expansive US audience. Together, we will show the US market the most advanced blockchain music player in the world. The show will be a little crypto, a little culture, a little music. Just perfect. 

A big thank you to Ari and Dror of New To The Street for believing in us, as well as EVERYONE at BEATiFY. We will do our very best to make you proud.