How to buy SONG Tokens using Sushi Swap

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In this blog, an overview of the steps to purchase SONG Tokens (Polygon (MATIC) Network)  on SushiSwap is provided.

Please Note : To purchase SONG tokens on SushiSwap you need to have funds in Polygon (Matic) Network.

1. Click on 'enter app'

2. Click on 'connect to a wallet'

3. Select MetaMask as wallet and enter your password when prompted

4. Select 'Ethereum' network and switch to 'Polygon (Matic) Network' in MetaMask and in SushiSwap - BEATiFY protocol was established on the Polygon network as it provides the best possible solution for scaling. It allows for thousands of transactions to be performed for a fraction of the cost. Polygon validates faster than any other network, therefore, allows its transactions to show up users' wallets quickly. Matic is the native token on Polygon and can be used to swap for SONG tokens.

5. Select 'switch network' when prompted

Swap transactions will now be performed from Matic, instead of Ethereum. If Polygon (Matic) network is not configured in MetaMask, please follow the below steps to do so.

1. In MetaMask, click on 'settings'

2. Under the 'networks' tab, select 'add network' and enter the information provided below in the corresponding fields. For convenience, this information is also provided in text form for easy extraction.

UNDER SETTINGS goto > Networks>add network


Network Name: Matic Mainnet


ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

3. Once Polygon (Matic) network is configured, click on 'swap' in SushiSwap

4. Invert swap direction by selecting the highlighted symbol

5. Select 'select a token' and copy/paste the contract address of BEATiFY (SONG) Token - 0x609255414ff5289f87c99baf9737a4ec85a18643

6. Click on 'import' beside SONG Token result

7. Buy SONG Tokens with any tokens on the Polygon network