Beatify Token Model and How it works Testing

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BEATIFY token is fully ERC20 compliant and will be available for purchase with ETH. Symbol: $SONG Base token price upon the launch of the crowdsale will be set to $ 0.05 USD exchange rate will be locked based on June 1, 2021 market exchange rate and will be valid for the entire time of the crowd sale. Unlike many other projects using just an idea to raise funds via token crowd sales or initial coin offerings, without an actual product or at least a proof of concept, Beatify is up and running. Beatify already has a user base, established business partnerships and media coverage. The project was bootstrapped with founders’ own savings. The funds were used to build from ground up by creating wire frames , mock up design, developing app for iOS and Android and designing most advanced cloud architecture for the streaming. Our team have spend months of time to build the initial database of musicians.