Calis Bless

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A writer and performer of Dancehall and Afropop songs and winner of two Best Female Artist awards in Surulere, Calis Bless resides in Edo State, Nigeria. While regularly facing difficulty with raising funds for studio time and gaining the support of a sponsor, Calis sees live performances as her happy place in which she can express her feelings with others and share a connection with her audience.

With the chorus for her track, Party, coming to her in a dream, Calis was pulled out of her slumber and quickly ran to her studio to record what she had been gifted. Later, she and her producer refined the idea to what it is today.

For her song, You, she wrote it with a special someone in mind.

Calis has chosen to list her songs on BEATiFY given its ability to share the power of song globally along with its equitable artist compensation model that allows artists to survive off their work. She plans to release many more of her songs on BEATiFY so keep an ear out for what’s to come!