How to buy MATIC on

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Step 1: Buy MATIC

Use to buy some MATIC. The great thing is, there are no fees!

Purchasing MATIC with a debit card. No fees!

Step 2: Withdraw MATIC to MetaMask

Now that you have some MATIC in your wallet, you need to transfer it to a non-custodial wallet (e.g. MetaMask). The main thing to note here is that when entering your “Wallet Address Details,” you need to choose the Polygon network. You should then see the Network Type listed as Polygon when confirming the withdrawal.

Note how low the fees are—it’s basically free!

Withdrawing MATIC using the app. The fees are minimal.

Step 3: Confirm Withdrawal

After the withdrawal is confirmed, you should see your MATIC in your Polygon wallet.

You should see the MATIC you withdrew at

It should also show up in MetaMask, although you have to add the MATIC token to the Polygon Mainnet network to see it. To do this, go to Polygon’s website and click on the MetaMask icon to the right of the MATIC token. It may ask you to switch networks to Polygon Mainnet (click “Switch network”), and then it will prompt you to add the MATIC token to the Polygon Mainnet network.

Adding the MATIC token to the Polygon Mainnet network: Go to Polygon’s website (linked above), click on the MetaMask icon next to Matic Token, and follow the instructions from MetaMask to add the token.

What are the fees?

This method is awesome because there are basically no fees. In total, we only had to pay a fee of 0.08 MATIC to withdraw 78 MATIC (buying the MATIC had no fees). This is our favorite way to get MATIC on the Polygon Mainnet!