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JAC, the singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario, Canada has always had a deep passion for music. A goal of hers is to produce music that will resonate with people while also supporting them in times of need. She feels a direct connection with her audience when performing her music and can see how people are bonding with her words. This sentiment of support can be seen with her song Move On.

Move On was written by JAC when she was struggling with depression. The track has a clear progression that beautifully illustrates the importance of acknowledging current feelings while also looking forward to the future by moving on. JAC has stated that the “you” mentioned in the song refers to anything from which someone is trying to move away, whether it be a person, situation, mental illness or otherwise.

As a close friend of BEATiFY’s CEO, Darryl Hillock, JAC was thrilled to be a part of the fair-trade music movement being led by BEATiFY. She can see its power in helping artists get the recognition they deserve. JAC also enjoys how BEATiFY assists artists with promotion and how it allows listeners to hear up-and-coming artists.

JAC is currently working on producing an EP and can’t wait to share it with the world!