Nkom Bivoué

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Nkom Bivoué, a Cameroonian DJ/producer based in Yaoundé, Cameroon, chose to depart from his financial and accounting education in 2016 to pursue what truly made him happiest in life – creating music. After three gruelling years of learning the ropes of computer-assisted music and generating a few singles, Nkom published his first professional single. This pursuit has proved to be fruitful as he has already earned magazine features in Resident Advisor and Panafrican Music. Thereafter, he created a few more singles, remixes, and an EP and ended 2020 with the release of yet another EP, Processus, and a single, No Lele, on which he collaborated with the Ghanian artist Sizeless.

No Lele, a track about not falling victim to distractions, features a unique mix of rhythms stemming from African culture and EDM to create a sound that he calls Afro Euphoric Dance Music. Nkom aims to challenge musical trends with his tracks, and this song is a clear example of how he has succeeded in doing so.

Nkom fell in love with BEATiFY after being recommended to check out the platform by a friend. Looking for series methods that allow artists to survive and thrive from their art, BEATiFY was an easy choice for him to make with its commitment to adequately paying artists for their work with a commitment to fair-trade blockchain-based compensation. This is especially pertinent since Nkom has stated that the music industry in Cameroon is still in its infancy resulting in its artists having difficulty making a living.

Along with his 3 EPs, mixtapes, and album, he plans to release more tracks next year so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open!